Office de tourisme de Labenne
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The Forest

The forest of Labenne covers 1 700 hectares and welcomes sport lovers, joggers, bikers, horse riders, and all those that just look for the character and tranquillity of nature.


This forest is made mainly of maritime pines, oaks, cork oaks and arbutus. The undergrowth is full of broom, gorges which bloom in spring among fern and heather that bloom in autumn.

The river Boudigau and its tributary, the Anguillere, crosses the forest and reaches the Atlantic Ocean at the nearest port of Capbreton.

The barrier forest, placed behind the dune, plays an important rôle in the stabilisation of the sand. When having a walk, we see twisted pine trees tortured by the wind trying to keep alive. The typical wildlife in the Landes forest:

Large animal such as the deer, the roe deer, the wild boar and the fox, squirrels, rabbits, hares and the hedgehogs, as well as the autochthonous birds and migrant species

The forest is a treasure for those that work in it, but also for the local population and the tourists.

The many paths, tracks and local roads will lead visitors to enjoy real wildlife.


Horses or pony with the equestrian center of Labenne.