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The Natural Reserve of the Marsh of Orx

The marsh of Orx is the last protected damp place in the south of the Aquitany Coast.


This large territory of highly ornithological relevance covers nearly 1000 hectares. It is owned by the Coastal Authority. It is a classified National Nature Reserve and part of the European Nature 2000 Network.


It was dried out for agricultural purposes under Napoleon the IIIth’s mandate. This old polder is surrounded by canals, being a privileged halt for migrating birds wanting to rest and feed. It is composed by a mosaic of places (reservoirs, reed beds, meadows...)



The Marsh of Orx welcomes a great diversity of birds such as the white spatula, and it is now a place of interest in the community for hibernation of ducks, teals, greylag geese...


We can also see a large number of specific animals species such as the European Cistude and reptiles, amphibians, insects and mammals.


On your own or accompanied by a naturalist guide you will discover the inhabitants of this wet place. A pair of binoculars may prove useful.



The visit is made on foot, walking on the Discovery circuit of 6.2km around the south part of the marsh.  The interpretative trail is made of a boardwalk (with observatories along the trail) and connects the reception area “Béziers  house” with the historic sector of pumps.


You can also choose the option circuit Marais Buret 5.8km (pumps at a place called L’Ile) on free visit.


The naturalist tour with a naturalist guide allows you to access to sensitive sectors for the reception of flagship species at certain times of the year. The other areas of the marsh are fenced so that wildlife can enjoy a quiet atmosphere for nesting and hibernating.



Boutique de la Maison du Marais

A wide range of activities are available to visitors, groups, schools.  Twilight visits to watch wildlife are organized mostly in summer. The “Maison Béziers” welcome artistic exhibitions and a landscaping observatory.


The reception, the souvenirs shop, and a permanent exhibition are always open at the Marsh House.


More information about the Marsh of Orx


Visit the Natural Reserve of the Marsh of Orx :