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The Ocean

Fin de journée sur la plage de Labenne-Océan

All along the forest of maritime pines and cork oaks, the beach of Labenne opens on the Atlantic Ocean, stretching for about 3km and covering a surface of 11 hectares. At the upfront, the dune and its vegetation play an essential role to protect the interior coastal line and to prevent the sand from advancing.



The “oyat”, the euphorbia, the bindweed, are local species in this natural environment in constant evolution. The breakwind barriers and the dead plants on the dune complete the protection device.


If we take the road or the cycling path which leads us to the beach, we’ll get to an open space overlooking the ocean.


You will be amazed by the view:

  • To the north, the dunes and the port of Capbreton
  • To the south, the bay of the Basque Coast and the nearby Pyrenees.

At sunset, the gliding sun reveals the metallic tones of the waves giving whole meaning to the term “Côte d’Argent”.



Here the sensations are amplified by a surprising cocktail: golden sand and ocean splendour. We may hesitate between the warm sand inviting us to rest and the relaxing iodized sea bathings or the tonic effects of the waves resembling a truly natural thalasso.

Labenne’s surfing station is well known among the professionals as one of the best places on the south coast of Landes. During the summer season, the life savers will take good care of you. Swimmers, surfers, joggers and rod fishermen of “louvines” and “pigues” share the quietness of this large space.



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