Office de tourisme de Labenne
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Town centre

Landeus y tapas Labenne


Labenne has a typical town centre of the South of Landes.


Surrounding the church we find the basic buildings of the community: the town hall, the fronton (where pelote games are played), the church (open to the visitors), the tourist office, the village Hall...


It is a place of meeting and of entertainment all year long:  the Casetas Landeus and the tapas stalls, the 14th of July (Bastille Day).

L'amphithéâtre de verdure des Jardins du Bourg


The plane trees round the fronton, give a pleasant welcome to the Petanque players and to holidaymakers, who look for a calm shady place after a long trip. It is the opportunity to stop at the tourist office nearby and get the information to have a good stay in Labenne!

The town centre leads us to the town’s garden, an attractive green glittering space, a quiet place to relax next to the Sports Hall and the forest.

The town centre keeps anecdotes and facts:

  • When the village was restored in 1938, a frescal from the Second World War, made by a German soldier was found. It has been newly restored.
  • The monument to the dead, next to the church does not represent a soldier but a resin worker leaving his tool – the Hapchot/little axe – to take his arm and set off to combat.
  • An altimeter on the outside of the church wall – on the right handside – shows the altitude of Labenne: 14 metres.